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Why Managed Network Infrastructure?

Correctly configured and managed IT network infrastructure is essential for your business because it provides a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and productivity. Below are 5 reasons why your IT network infrastructure is so important:

  1. Reliable connectivity: A robust IT network infrastructure ensures that all devices and applications within a business can connect to each other seamlessly and without interruption. This means that employees can access critical information and systems whenever they need it, which is crucial for maintaining business operations.
  2. Efficient data management: With a well-designed IT network infrastructure, businesses can manage their data effectively, ensuring that it is secure, backed up, and accessible to those who need it. This helps companies to make informed decisions and to respond quickly to changing business needs.
  3. Increased productivity: An IT network infrastructure that is fast, reliable, and secure can help employees work more efficiently and productively. For example, cloud-based applications and tools can allow employees to collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location or time zone.
  4. Improved customer service: A strong IT network infrastructure can help businesses to better serve their customers. For example, businesses can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to track customer interactions and preferences, allowing them to deliver personalized and efficient service.
  5. Better security: An IT network infrastructure that is properly designed and maintained can help to protect a business from cyber threats such as malware, viruses, and hacking attempts. This is critical as cyber attacks can cause significant financial and reputational damage to a business.

In summary, a good IT network infrastructure is essential for businesses as it provides the foundation for reliable connectivity, efficient data management, increased productivity, improved customer service, and better security.


Wi-Fi is often the largest bottle neck of your network. Having fast, managed Wi-Fi will improve the user experience for all users.


Appropriate switching can increase redundancy, security and performance for devices connecting to your network.


Routing affectively can increase the performance of your enterprise network and ensure your network will scale with you.


Utilising advanced threat protection on your network boundary can protect all your devices - not just the devices with Anti-Virus installed. 

Remote Access Solutions

We offer a full range of services to ensure your remote workers are connected to your functional, security and budgetary requirements.

Layer 2 VPNs

Bring your layer 2 domain wherever you go. Centralise services such as Filtering, DHCP and security for remote devices and sites.


Fully automated site-to-site connectivity. Utilising multiple internet connections such as Ethernet, 5G and Satellite to always keep you connected. 

Site-to-Site VPN

Well configured site-to-site VPNs can give similar levels of performance, stability and security of other connection solutions without the need for an on-going licence fee.

Remote Access VPNs

Get your remote workers connected where-ever they are. Whether you need to access on-site storage, applications or off site access to manage IT services. A remote access VPN can get you connected from a device on any of the major platforms.

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Traffic on Your Network

At Acmatic Networks we categorise and separate different types of traffic on your network. This allows us to ensure all traffic is transported correctly ensuring performance and security for all devices and applciations.


Data including emails, web traffic and instant messaging needs to be transported and prioritised affectively without certain applications having the chance to overload the network for other applications.

Voice & Video

Voice & Video applications on your network need to traverse your network without delay. If these applications are held up by other traffic it can lead to broken audio and calls dropping.

Guest & Student

Guest & Student devices need to be restricted both in where they can access and the amount of traffic they can generate. This ensures the 


Keeping your network management isolated is vital to ensure the devices and services on your network are kept secure. Isolating in this way also ensures network equiptment is still accessable for the engineers who needs it allowing us to clear yoru faults faster.

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